Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Once again...

We were all sick in my house once again... Seriously, I just want to be over all of it.

Looks like I have an ear infection now too. BOO! HISS!

I do, however have pics of the hat I made for my sister :)

In all it's teal-and-wine glory

Looks cute on her too. And the other one I made in black and pink looks good on my friend. I has a happy :) <-- Right there...

Sunday, February 3, 2013


I've made a few pairs of these, but I've been asked to make another. I love them, I've made a couple pairs for myself, and several for other people. One person even told me that she can "shuffle" in them, and they won't come off her feet.

They are so very easy to make and so very comfortable! The original pattern can be found on ZoomYummy. It's a little vague, but still easy to follow with all the pictures. I modded it to fit a little better for me. All credit for the pattern is due to Zoom Yummy, and I do not intend any infringement, only an alternative.

it's my legs n feet!!

I'm using an H-hook with worsted weight yarn.

R1: Ch5, join with sl st to make a circle

R2: Ch2, 7dc in center ring. Join with sl st to first dc

R3: Ch2, 1dc into first st, 2dc each st around, Join with sl st to first dc (16 sts)

R4: Ch2, 1dc into first st, 2dc each st around, Join with sl st to first dc (32 sts)

R5-8:Ch 2, 1dc for ea dc around, sl st to first dc (32 sts)

(the rest of the pattern is as originally written, but with the numbers changed to reflect new row numbers)

R9: Turn, ch 2, dc into second ch from hook & ea st to make 20 sts. Ch2, turn

R10: 1dc into second ch from hook and ea st across. Ch2, turn

R11: 1dc in first dc from hook, 1dc in ea st across, 2dc in last st. Ch2, turn (22sts)

R12-15: 1dc in second dc from hook & in ea st across. ch2, turn. (22sts)

R16: 1dc in first dc from hook, 1dc in ea st across, 2dc in last st. Ch2, turn (24sts)

R17-18: 1dc in second dc from hooh & ea st across. finish off leaving a long tail for sewing.

Turn the back (heel) end of the slipper inside out. Line up the sts at the back end, and with a tapestry needle, sew the back of the slipper together. I make two passes (from the top down, then back up) to sort of reinforce the seam. Weave in the excess.

For the edging:

Join another piece of yarn to the back seam with a sl st.

Ch2, sc in the first "hole", ch1

(sc, ch1) in ea "hole" around to make the edge.

Across the toe, ch1 at the first corner of the toe, sc in ea ch across (about 10sts) ch1,

(sc, ch1) the next side

sl st to first ch2 spot at the back. Finish off & weave in the ends.

So Excited

My warm fuzzy hat has been an absolute HIT! I've gotten two more orders just from me wearing my hat.

I've made it in my brown and green, and for a friend in black and hot pink. Right now, I'm working on one for my sister in teal and wine.

(crappy cell pic)

I'm so happy that people like this! I'll post pics of my sisters hat when I'm done with it too. She kinda ordered it when I was sick with the flu, so I haven't been working on it as much as I possibly could.

Also, I've been commissioned to make a Yoda (Star Wars) hat for an infant, and one diaper cover (so far) for a photographer. The photographer told me that if she likes my work, she'll spread my name out there, and maybe I'll get more work from other photographers.

So yeah, my crochet life is getting awesome! I'm so happy!