Sunday, September 30, 2012

My next scarf

The next scarf I'm going to do will be an aviator style scarf for my friend, Rachael. She got this sexy leather jacket and asked me to make her a scarf to go with it.

I'll be using this pattern (link) and some Bernat, Super Value acrylic yarn in Winter White.

I'll be sure to take & post pics when I'm done.

The above pattern is written in paragraph form, so I thought I'd do it in short hand for those of us who follow a short hand pattern a bit easier.

Ch 90 turn
r1: Sc ea st across, ch1 turn
r2: hdc ea st across, ch1 turn
r3: sc in back loops only across, ch1 turn
Repeat r2&3 until scarf is about 5in wide, finish off & weave in
Add tassels to each end of the scarf

I know the original author did 5 rows in the written pattern, but r4 & r5 were repeats of r2 and r3 so I simplified.

Crochet Stripey Scarf


  • 2 skeins Lily Sugar n Cream Stripes 100% cotton in "Violet Stripes"
  • Size K crochet hook
Finished size is 56in long x 4in wide

Stitches used: Half Double Crochet (hdc), Chain (ch), Single Crochet (sc)

Gauge = 12hdc +1ch  / 13 rows = 4x4 in

*Note: This pattern uses a hook larger than the recommended size printed on the skein. Please use the correct hook to obtain the gauge

Chain 14
SC in 2nd chain from hook and in ea st across (13 sts). Turn
*Hdc in 2nd st from hook and in ea st across, ch 1 and turn
Repeat from * until piece measures 56in long or to desired length.
SC the last row
Finish off and weave in the ends

When switching skeins, pay attention to the last color in the first skein and the first color in the second skein. To maintain the pattern, you may have to end the first skein before your thread runs out. 
For instance, my pattern was purple, green, white, blue. The end of my first skein was purple, but the beginning of my second skein was white. I crocheted the remainder of my first skein up to the end of the last patch of green and the beginning of the last patch of white then joined my second skein after snipping the first. I carried the remainder of the first skein and the tail of the second while crocheting the beginning of the second skein over top.

The Beginning

Just getting this here thing going. I plan to add some fun stuff. Maybe patterns, recipes, photos and the like. I hope you check back soon to see what I'm up to!