Monday, January 14, 2013

Ear Warmer

I made an ear warmer. Not because they are in style, but because my ears and forehead get cold, and when my forehead gets cold, it makes me unhappy. Especially if there is wind.

Here is my finished product:

I used the pattern here: Easy ear warmer pattern

I decided to sew the back together tho, since I just  made this for me. If I was going to be selling it, I'd have made it with a button so it could be adjustable. 

The flowers I fudged, but it's basically an "any flower" type thing. 

Larger Flower:
ch 5. sl st tog to make loop.
12 sc in loop, sl st tog
2dc ea sc to make 24 dc, sl st tog
*Ch 5, sk 3, sl st to 4th st - continue around to make 8 loops. Sl st to 1st st
In Loop - *Sc, 9dc, sc - continue around  to make 8 petals. Sl st to 1st st
Finish off & weave in.

Smaller Flower:
Ch 5, sl st tog to make loop
12sc in loop, sl st tog
2sc for ea sc to make 24 sc, sl st tog
*Ch 3, sk 2, sl st to 3rd st - continue around to make 9 loops
In loop - *sc, 6dc, sc - continue ea loop to make 9 petals. sl st to 1st st
Finish off & weave in.

Sew the flowers together. Add your accent button, and attach to headband.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Amazing Hookers, EVERYWHERE!

I've been thinking, and I think the next big project I'm going to undertake is going to be a full sized tote bag.

I found a free pattern at the store, and I'm gonna do it. I just need to decide on color, and get enough yarn and stuff. And, well, keep the little one out of it. . .

It all started when a friend tagged me in a picture on facebook. . .
It's a bag from CafePress. You can totally buy it for $15.

And, well, I want to see if I can DO a tote. The blanket I made was fun, but got tedious after a while. I figure, the tote pattern I got is made in pieces then sewn together. That should break the tedium, right?

Also, I'm thinking I need a produce bag. . . The plastic ones at the store kinda suck, and I'd really just like my own. So that's another pattern I'll have to look for or make.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

I'd like to just take a moment and wish everyone a happy new year, and a blessed 2013.

Thank you for stopping by my blog every so often, and I hope you continue to enjoy my patterns and a glimpse into my crazy, messed up life.

Blessed Be,