Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

I am trying a coconut oil treatment for my hair.
The product I am using is Lou Anna 100% pure coconut oil. It was around $6 for the 30fl oz container.
I keep it in my fridge.

Day 0:

I started out with dry, unmanageable, easily tangled hair. I dye my hair, and I've bleached part of it twice in the last three months.

In this picture, my hair is clean and dry. I shampooed two days before the picture was taken. I do not shampoo every day, and this was taken just before I put the warm coconut oil on my hair.

I used two tablespoons of melted coconut oil and one tablespoon of honey. I have one of those nifty turban thingys to put my hair up in while it was sitting. I let it sit for 15 minutes, then started my shower.

To wash it out, I first rinsed my hair in hot water, massaged the mix throughout my hair further than it already was, then added my shampoo. I washed my hair twice, and conditioned once, which is what I do normally, then let it air dry as I normally do. I combed my hair while it was wet, but did not add any product. Again, normal. I don't do much with my hair.

Once it was dry, I noticed that it didn't smell like my shampoo at all. That's the biggest change I notice, and I don't really mind it.

Day 1:

After sleeping on it, my hair still did not smell like anything but hair. I kinda like that. I'm not big on scents.

I did notice that my hair isn't really tangled this morning. Usually, I can brush tangles INTO my hair. Not so this morning. I had barely any tangles even though I didn't brush my hair between my shower yesterday and waking up today. That was pleasant.

I won't be treating my hair today, just wetting it in the shower, like I normally do on a no wash day.

**update** Usually, when I work all day with my hair down, I get a nasty rats nest of tangles at the nape of my neck. I didn't get that today! I'm so excited! In fact, I also realized that brushing my hair this morning was easier. I'm thinking I really really like this already. What an improvement after only ONE application.

Day 2 

Getting a late start of it today. I didn't have time to treat my hair before work, so I'm treating it now at almost 10:30 pm. I'll be washing my hair around 11pm, and update on the texture and feel tomorrow morning when it's dry. This will also give me a chance to go to bed with it damp, which usually makes for an interesting hair day when I wake up. Stay tuned.

Day 4

My hair is looking better, feeling softer, and being more manageable. Tomorrow, I'll treat it again, but I'm thinking of just doing oil with no honey. 

On day two, I treated my hair then went to sleep with it wet. I woke up on day three to a surprise. My hair was only a little crazy, not completely unmanageable. I misted my hair with a spray bottle that had mousse and water in it then combed it out. The tangles were very easy to comb out and i spent the day with very few tangles in general. Again, I say this is turning out to be a very good thing.

Day 6

Looking good and feeling good! My hair is soft and very easy to brush. It's still a little out of control, and I don't know if that's going to change at all. I treated my hair last night using only oil, and... well I fell asleep with the oil in my hair. Oopse. 

Oh well, I took a shower first thing this morning and washed twice, conditioned once, and air dried, just as normal. Here's what I'm ending up with:

Now, I haven't brushed it since it dried, but of course I brushed before I went into the shower. 

I think I'll be using only the oil with no honey from now on, and treating twice a week for a few weeks, then decreasing to once a week when I feel my hair is in the "maintain" phase, rather than the "repair" phase.

Day 11:
I think my hair is to the point that I'll need to only treat it once or twice a week, so that's what I'm going to do from now on. This took WAY less time than I was thinking it would. I thought there would be like a month of regular posts and tapering off after like two or three months. Wow! Coconut oil is seriously good stuff. I'm so glad I did this challenge! 

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